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Scroll down or go to https://myfwc.com/media/18835/quickchart.pdf to download the FWC saltwater fishing regulations chart!

We currently stock over over 13 different kinds of speargun and pole spears. Scroll down or stop by to check out our selection and see our limited edition collectors speargun!

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FWC Regulations


SS24, SS36, JBL Explorer 24, 36 Special, TX2, SS42, JBL Competition Magnum, RX3, RX3 Hyper, TX4, RX4 Hyper, RX5 Hyper, TX5

2ft-6.5ft pole spears, Breakdown spears, Spear gun bands- 1/2-5/8 thickness, and 12-32 length, Wire, cable, braded wishbones

Boat Charters

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