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6 days ago

New Peregrine dive computer from Shearwater is now available at Deep Six. This is a great dive computer for everyday divers. It has a large easy to read display that is customizable by the diver. The ... See more

1 week ago

Headed down to the Keys to spend the weekend with Captain Slate's Dive Center and some great students.

Congratulations to David, David, David, Beth, Bethany, Jacob, Paige, Jason and Ambra on ... See more

2 weeks ago

It took quite a bit of time but we finally convinced Matt, Sean, and Tyler from Orlando Fire Department that they did not have to take their clothes off for every picture. Congratulations guys for ... See more

3 weeks ago

Congratulations to Ken, Jacob, William, Megan, Ashleigh, Lance, Kelsey, and Eric on successfully completing their Open Water Certification. After a lot of hard work and perseverance this group Has ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Deep Six Diver's Service, Inc.'s post

Congratulations to Kym and Alex on completing their rescue certification. The rescues went so well that the neighbors even came to assist and started to call 911.

You both did a wonderful job and ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Deep Six Diver's Service, Inc.'s post

Congratulations to Mark, Chris, Dan, Kammy, Evelyn, and John(RR) on completing their advanced open water certifications this weekend.

John and Evelyn did an amazing job in Roatan last year to start ... See more

2 months ago
July 23, 2020

Video from July 19. With Don from deep six in the keys

Diving Pleasure Reef with Deep Six and Capt. Slate’s Scuba Adventure

2 months ago

Any one interested in going to the Keys this Saturday for two wreck dives and/or a night dive let us know. We have plenty of spots available. Hope to see you down there.

2 months ago

Hey guys, we got a new shipment of lil suckers in, check out the new scuba ones! #neverspillasip

2 months ago
Florida Keys Diving June 28 2020

Amazing video from last weekend. We had 100' of visibility on Sunday when this video was shot. Truly an amazing day and set of dives.

Congratulations to Ethan, Sam, Emmy, Suzanne, Kym, Darcee, ... See more

Another beautiful day with Deep Six Divers Service and Captain Slate's SCUBA Adventures. This video was taken the morning of Sunday June 28, 2020 on Spanky's...

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