• Cavern Diver

Cavern Diver

This course develops the minimum skills and knowledge for cavern diving. Planning, environment, procedures, techniques, problem solving, and other specialized needs of cavern diving are covered. Skills included are buoyancy control and trim, emergency procedures, line drills, and propulsion techniques. Accident analysis forms the basis of this learning experience. Special emphasis on the unique environment includes silting, entanglement, disorientation, and equipment modifications. This course is in no way intended to provide instruction for cave diving.

The course includes all instruction, four supervised cavern dives, and certification card.

Minimum age: 15 years with parental consent 

Starting from

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What is included:

  • Academic sessions
  • Confined water sessions 
  • Certification card and digital certification card


  • Certified Advanced Open Water Diver and Nitrox Diver
  • Proof of at least 10 logged dives
  • Proof of previous skill competency in the pool 
  • Buoyancy proficiency with equipment that will be used on dives

Student responsibilities:

  • Provides ALL scuba equipment
  • Pays site entry fees
  • Purchases IANTD Student Kit

Required equipment:

  • Primary Reel 
  • Safety Reel
  • Two separate regulator systems:
    • Dual outlet valve (H Valve) on primary cylinder with primary and alternate regulators OR standard valve on primary cylinder and another cylinder with a separate regulator.
  • Harness or BC that is capable of providing adequate lift and proper gear configuration 
  • Primary light (minimum 1200 lumens)
  • Backup light (two recommended)
  • Wet notes or wrist slates
  • Dive computer capable of decompression

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