John Appelboom


John Appelboom has been diving for over 50 years and has logged over 17,000 dives. He has been teaching for over 45 years and at the college and university level for 40 years. He has been involved in certifying over 20,000 divers and 500 instructors in that time.

He was a Cayman Island dive operator in the mid 70’s,  a former Florida Regional Director of the YMCA Scuba Program and past Secretray of Treasury of the Florida Association of Dive Operators (FADO).

John is one of a select few that teaches about marine life through direct interaction with wild animals including; moray eels, barracudas, jew fish, scorpion fish, angel fish, lobsters, butterfly fish, and sharks. He began this personal interaction with sea creatures in his Cayman days by learning more about them on every dive. He shares this interactive knowledge and love of the sea with generations of scuba divers.



Danny Kale


Danny Kale started teaching elementary school after 14 years in the Air Force. He presently teaches third grade at North Lakeland Elementary School. Danny is a certified cave diver and also a fully certified instructor



Matt Vinzant


Matt Vinzant became open water certified at the age of 12 at Deep Six Diver Service. Instantly infatuated with the sport he continued his training and by 13 was the youngest certified cavern diver in the US.

His true passion is cave diving and exploration. Matt can be found exploring springs and caves throughout the south eastern US or relaxing with his wife and 2 daughters on his days off. Matt is on the board of Karst Underwater Research.

Matt has worked at Deep Six since 2004 while earning a degree in Environmental Science at USF. He now works for the SWFWMD and instructs for Deep Six at night. He is an IANTD instructor and can teach a Refresher class , Open Water up through Advanced Nitrox and Deep, with specialties in Open Water Sidemount, Drysuit, Cavern and Intro to Cave.

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Luke Burel

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Luke Burel has been an avid diver since receiving his Open water Certification at Deep Six Divers. He decided to work toward the professional side of diving shortly after. He is now a Certified instructor through NAUI, SEI, and IANTD


Ken Hill


Ken Hill has been a diver since he was thirteen and a cave diver since 1996 when he was transferred to Lakeland, Florida. He retired in 1997 after 30 years of service to the United States and now dedicates his time by teaching SCUBA and doing volunteer work for non profit cave diving organizations. He is an Instructor Trainer and teaches technical and cave diving for IANTD. He serves on the Board of Directors for the National Speleological Society-Cave Diving Section, and also teaches for the NACD, YMCA and NAUI. He currently serves as an internal advisor to Florida State University’s Advanced Scientific Diving Program and the Underwater Crime Scene Investigations Unit

Tyler Anderson

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For his main profession Tyler is a Police Officer with the Lakeland Police Department, as part of his duties he is the team leader of the LPD Dive Team. Tyler is an avid SCUBA diver and has been since he was certified at Deep Six. He enjoys wreck and deep diving along with spear fishing.  He is an IANTD instructor and following in the steps of all Deep Six instructors will work with his students as long as needed to help them become comfortable divers.

 Andy Vinzant

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Andy Vinzant is currently working full time as a Firefighter Paramedic for the City of Lakeland. In addition, he also runs a Pool Service Company,Aqua Andy’s Pool Service. He also helps out in the shop part time as well. The majority of his diving is in the springs of north Florida but he also enjoys wreck diving.



Don Bailey

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Don Bailey was Jr Open Water certified 20 years ago. His passion for the underwater world is seen in his work everyday. Don works at Deep Six part time and is the Assistant Manager to Dive Operations at The Florida Aquarium. Don loves underwater archaeology and has worked on shipwreck projects throughout Tampa Bay Area. He worked with Maryland State Underwater Archaeology, uncovering War of 1812 Blockade ships in the Chesapeake Bay. Don also assists with conservation efforts manatee manatee health assessments, planting oyster balls and working with REEF and CRF in the Fla Keys. Don enjoys diving all over the world and watching kids faces light up as they interact with divers. Don also likes to blow Bubbles.




Cody Waring


Cody is the newest member of the Deep Six Divers staff.  He is a new diver and is in the learning process both at the dive shop and in the water.  He will do his best to help and if he is not sure he will get the correct information for you.




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